Conjars Read-Only

A simple jar repository

Looking for help migrating Cascading applications to a new platform? Contact the author.

Conjars was a dead easy community jar repository for open source Cascading libraries and extensions. Conjars went online around 2011.

Because Conjars was little used to host new projects, becoming a security risk, and very likely to shutdown without warning, we felt it appropriate to archive all the artifacts and continue to provide them more reliably on a mirrored read-only site.

Our plan is to keep this site live for as long as it makes sense (and affordable) in order to prevent builds, depending on older artifacts from the Cascading project and ecosystem, from failing.

If you are a developer with hosted artifacts on this site, do consider migrating to alternative hosting options.

If you are a developer depending on artifacts hosted by this site, please use the below url instead of until your dependencies are relocated.

Note that Cascading 3.x and below will continue to be hosted from this site for a period. Cascading 4.x and beyond will be hosted from Maven Central.

Note the domain does not redirect to this site as we do not own the domain, we do own

long term repository url

For example:

maven repository


If for any reason your builds are failing, the original server can be reached at:

alias for original server

This mirror is hosted and maintained by Chris K Wensel.